In the Pacific Northwest, early pioneers utilized our abundant forests for smoking, preserving and cooking a wide variety of fish, wildlife and agricultural crops. Cooking techniques passed down from generations of American Indians involved smoking their meats and vegetables with real hardwoods.

Today, that art of cooking food in the aroma and flavor of wood smoke has been perfected in the Northwest. With the advent of barbeque stoves and wood pellets, food now can be slowly cooked for hours to reach its full potential and tenderness with just the right amount of natural flavor added to produce a culinary delight. Pacific Pellet is proud to participate in this long tradition of cooking with real hardwoods. As avid outdoorsman, the Pacific Pellet Team have long participated in the fine art of preparing salt and fresh water fish on a grill, along with a plethora of wildlife harvested in the beautiful Northwest.

Located in Central Oregon, Pacific Pellet are in close proximity to abundant forests and world renowned fruit orchards providing Pacific Pellet with access to ultra-premium wood species for cooking and smoking. Pacific Pellet's suppliers have been handpicked for product quality and reliability. Quite simply, Pacific Pellet manufacture the highest quality wood BBQ pellet in the industry! Absolutely NO oils or foreign additives, guaranteed.

So, give Gourmet BBQ pellets a try. We’re excited to introduce you to a tremendous BBQ pellet. We are confident our BBQ pellets will enhance your grilling experience. We stake our reputation on it.
Company Vision Pacific Pellet is a renewable energy company dedicated to the production of densified biomass fuels satisfying the growing demand for innovative energy solutions. Pacific Pellet will manufacture a suite of premium residential and industrial products utilizing biomass resources that are renewable and sustainable.

Pacific Pellet is built on the principle of making quality products, providing exceptional service, and establishing a more personal relationship with our customers and business partners.

Pacific Pellet is dedicated to the advancement and promotion of renewable biomass energy sources, including various species of wood, agricultural residues and dairy by-products.

Pacific Pellet, by listening to our customer needs, will produce brands, set trends, improve standards, and create unique custom-energy solutions.


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